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Nisyst is a leading charity retail systems provider with over thirty years’ experience in designing and delivering state-of-the-art solutions backed up with high-quality support and services.

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Formed by brothers Dave and Bob Chunilal, Nisyst is a close-knit, family-oriented business that take pride in developing EPoS solutions and associated software to the highest standards. Nisyst’s goal is to use our skills to help other businesses become more productive, profitable, and organised. We are ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited, providing our customers peace of mind they will only receive the very best quality of products and service.

About the solution

The CHARiot EPoS solution is designed specifically for charity retail, maximising productivity and increasing Gift Aid income across daily operations. CHARiot includes a range of charity-specific modules such as paperless Gift Aid, Gift Aid on Rags, and integrated e-commerce. The simple and straightforward retail system, built with ease-of-use for volunteers in mind, can be carefully curated to suit your organisation’s individual needs. With over 65 charity customers spanning over 1,000 sites, we’re recognised by HMRC and renowned for our resilient technology, cost-effective solution, and world-class support.

Business types

CHARiot is designed to support charity retailers of all sizes with users ranging from individual shops to retail estates covering dozens of locations. For well established charities CHARiot can afford an opportunity to boost your retail operations, maximising Gift Aid, streamlining donation processing and increasing throughput at the till. For charities with a smaller retail operation, CHARiot’s simple interface and excellent support services allow staff and volunteers to easily get to grips with the technology and the advantages it brings.


CHARiot has a number of features specifically designed to boost Gift Aid such as Gift Aid on rags, and Single-Scan Barcodes which ensure a Gift Aid sale is never missed. Outside the software itself the Nisyst team are experts in all areas of in-store technology, able to provide solutions and support not only for POS but telecoms, networking, cybersecurity and more. This “one stop shop” allows us to ensure all aspects of your solutions work well together, and means staff never need to wonder who to call when in need of support. Finally our support team are more than just technical experts; they are also experienced in all areas of charity operations and provide full operational support as well as resolving any issues with the technology.

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