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ICOM2 brings together a wide range of disciplines including Electronic Point of Sale system, Software development for Retail, Fast Food and Hospitality, System maintenance and Networking.

Creating reliable software applications cost effectively and on time. All our products are advanced latest technology applied and these are made available to you at comparative prices.

Focus on achieving business results.

Our approach stems from the three most important business growth aspects: helping companies reach prospects, assist in converting prospects to customers, and assist in retaining those customers. This is accomplished through our interactive solutions and expertise in providing a memorable and positive user experience.

User experience core to business success

In order to effectively prospect, convert and retain, the user experience is placed at the center of all our development projects. Providing unique, memorable and positive experiences, striking the appropriate emotional connection and reducing mental effort required to interact with the custom-built software and EPOS software, ultimately results in higher prospect conversion and customer retention figures.

Our expertise in strategy, design and technology allows us to create business solutions that excite and inspire, are easy to navigate, and enable businesses to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Our Products

  1. Retail EPOS: IGrocer is our Retail EPOS software application, have built up over the years an excellent reputation for being affordable, easy to use and extremely reliable whilst also providing all the features you come to expect from the very expensive systems on sale today.

Typically need capabilities, which you look for in the EPOS are Quick products sale, Sale refunds, Multi Payment, Retrieve Products from Remote database, Users permissions, Promotion offers, Loyalty points and Reporting. Make ease of stock ordering with the help of Handheld terminals. You can also have the Remote view of the Back-office system at your Remote system.

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  • Handheld Terminal
  • Remote Database
  • Loyalty Card
  1. Take Away EPOS: ServiceManis our Take Away EPOS software application, has been specially designed to meet your day-to-day restaurant chain business needs.

EPOS offers Quick menus to order and available for take away though seating may be provided. Special deals are perceived creation of a “discount” on individual menus.

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  1. Hospitality EPOS : Hostillis our Restaurant EPOS software application, lets you process Table Service, Take away and Delivery business orders. Orders are covered with Kitchen print(directly print the order to the Kitchen area), Order and Kitchen notes, Bill Merger and Splitter, Tips and Discounts.
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  • Inventory Management
  • Kitchen Order Management
  • Eat in table management


Integrated with World Pay Total Retail F2F Solution, IPC 229, Ingenico iPP350 – Serial/USB (2m)

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