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HansaWorld is a leading software house providing a full suite of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management products that delivers the flexibility required by today’s businesses.

Using our proprietary programming language, we offer a range of versatile business management software, available in over 40 languages on almost any platform, and designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. HansaWorld continuously invests in research and development to ensure our technology is ahead of the curve. We are committed to delivering the most advanced software to thousands of companies that trust HansaWorld with their critical business information.

Our software is available on-premise and in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two. Your data is accessible from anywhere in the world with full control over the servers hosting your company. Our server partners include IBM and Amazon which means your business critical information is securely stored using the latest technology. Discover the right software for your business and automate your business management procedures as you see fit.

Standard ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to manage businesses of all sizes in almost any industry. Account management, order processing, inventory, manufacturing, and job costing are among the core components of Standard ERP. Choose from a variety of comprehensive, industry-specific modules fully integrated with all other related system functionalities.

Discover a wide range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, such as email, document management, electronic conferencing, graphical calendars, and schedulers, all in one application.

Standard Accounts is a modern app for quick and easy invoice management, extensive reporting that provides you the flexibility to work on the go, using a phone, tablet or laptop. The broad functionality available fits any business. Drill-down, regular updates, secure data storage and much more.

Streamline your company management, tasks and routines with this free, powerful invoicing and accounting app. From accounting to customer relationship management, Standard Accounts is the right choice for you.

Standard CRM is a powerful and secure app providing you the tools to organize, synchronize and automate your customer relationship management processes for any business and industry. Streamline your company’s sales, marketing, customer service and technical support to save time and money while boosting efficiency and profitability.

The broad functionality available makes this CRM app an ideal choice for any business.

Standard Hotel is a free hotel and guest house management system, turning the routines of your business into an enjoyable experience for your staff and guests. Bookings management, invoicing and more at your fingertips. Intuitive technology helping make sure your tasks and routines are more efficient.

Transform your daily operations with this user-friendly app. Manage guest inquiries and reservations while monitoring your room rates and vacancies in real-time.

Standard Eats is a modern app for a restaurant, bar or cafe owner seeking to create an outstanding customer experience not only by having the best food and drinks, but also by serving them in a smooth and efficient way. Having both, front-end Point of Sales (POS) software combined with the back-end accounting and reporting tools in one application gives an advantage of real-time business overview as well as reduces the complexity of having different interfacing apps.

Standard POS is a point-of-sale application that offers a wide range of functionality, from handling payments and printing receipts to managing your store. With a focus on small business, the app has all the power and functionality necessary to help improve the efficiency of your retail shop.

Finding the right POS system for your business can be overwhelming, but when you install our free Standard POS app, you will be up and running on a secure system in minutes. Powerful and easy to use, Standard POS allows you to integrate with existing hardware such as your receipt printer.


Integrated with Worldpay for F2F Retail IPC 2.1.9, IPP350 USB

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