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STRAW – Mobile ordering for all!


STRAW enables users to both order & pay for menu items through the app, removing the need for queuing and improving the ability for social distancing within your venue.

STRAW connects hospitality venues and people with an immersive mobile ordering app designed to maximise guest experience and venue efficiency. The concept was designed in 2018 by Oliver Stephenson with award winning app developer Jason Parker heading the development team. The company has since partnered with Worldpay by FIS to provide market leading mobile ordering technologies that seamlessly integrate into the FIS merchant network.

At its core STRAW enables users to both order & pay for menu items through the app. This removes the need for queuing and also improves the ability for social distancing within the venue. The app is unique in the fact it provides a whole suite of social functions that promote users to interact with friends from both within the venue and remotely. Users can add friends, send drinks, see which venues their closest friends are visiting and also see how busy venues are in real time (for the atmosphere chasers).

The STRAW solution can support hospitality venues of all sizes. Whether it be a nightclub in the centre of London or a village pub in the heart of the countryside. As more venues enable STRAW, our user base grows and thus sends more organic footfall to our partners.

As an existing Worldpay by FIS merchant we can have your venue live in-app and accepting orders through the STRAW admin panel within 24 hours. We charge 1.5% per transaction with no overheads and a fee that incorporates both credit & debit card processing fees. Our friendly team will upload your menus for you and teach your staff how to operate the app efficiently.

All payments are taken through the app and are handled by our partner Worldpay by FIS. This means that you can rest assured that payment is fully secure.

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