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Stickies let people interact with the world around them using the same technology as contactless payment.

Thousands of global enterprises and makers use Sticky to solve problems in physical spaces. Sticky’s goal is to make every physical-digital interaction truly transactional. Whether you want to let people order food and drink in 10 seconds or less, turn anything into a point-of-sale, gamify towns and cities, transform fitness or 10x the number of disabled people in work, the only limit is your imagination. The world is building the future on Sticky.

Extremely easy to use CMS for physical spaces. Includes both logic as well as content

  • Show different content at different times and depending on consumer spend or engagement, reducing the merchant’s burden to update content in real time.
  • Think about it like scheduling tweets
  • Truly personalised experience for each customer, without an account

Transactional – “No download, No app, No QR code”
Every interaction on Sticky can be completed in seconds; from one tap check in through to one tap Apple Pay/Google Pay and with an option fill in card details which are remembered across every checkout in the world

  • Never choose a table number or a room: Each sticky is unique, so consumers don’t have to input where they are
  • 100% connectivity: Stickies work on low data (under a few hundred KB for the entire interaction), so consumers can use stickies in beer gardens, festivals, stadiums etc
  • Stateful: Sticky remembers names, email addresses and taps so when a consumer orders for the second time they get an email receipt as if by magic
  • Reduces queues by increasing merchant productivity

Mechanism to monitor service availability
Reporting and KPIs are available for B2B customers to monitor performance, consumer engagement etc

Developer ecosystem
Sticky has a 100% open API – everything you can do in our dashboard you can do programmatically, for free

Inventory control
Sticky already provides a best-in-class solution for hospitality, retail and unattended environments with automatic stock control (inventory reducing over time) and barcode scanning. Our customers have implemented order-ahead scenarios (“click and collect”) and payment links to pay for tuition with finite capacity.

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