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iiko exists to help F&B businesses thrive and scale through cutting-edge automation and actionable insights.

Over 35,000 venues use iiko software, including 800+ multi chain restaurants and some of the worlds largest brand names. iiko helps operators to increase performance and spend less time on routine administrative tasks.

iiko automates virtually every aspect of their operations – increasing speed of service, empowering kitchen management teams, managing staff, optimising stock movements, simplifying cost control, analysing performance, and more.

Operating since 2007, iiko continues to deliver market leading innovations.

Its key features includes:

  • All-in-one front of house to support all service types
  • Real-time inventory management to control wastage and COS
  • AI-driven sales forecasting to see ahead and plan effectively
  • Automated purchasing to always have enough stock and prevent over purchasing
  • Actionable real-time insights.

iiko’s offices are based in UK, Italy, Russia and Dubai and over 300 partners deliver and support iiko’s products worldwide.

iiko is redefining what POS can mean to food and beverage (f&b) businesses and what value they can expect from it – transforming their point of sale to their point of success.


Will iiko fit my business?

If you provide food or drink to customers, then Yes. It’s that simple. iiko is unique. Its the only all-in-one system of its kind created specifically for your industry alone and it addresses just the kinds of challenges you face every day.

  • Quick service
    It really matters that customers are getting served fast and efficiently, so you can sell more every day.
  • Fine dining
    More discerning guests expect exceptional service, quality and attention to detail. You can never afford to drop the ball.
  • Delivery
    Operating a business that also delivers feels like you’re running two restaurants at once. Both audiences demand top service.
  • Bars
    With profits linked to quick sales and high volumes, you need speed and efficiency to keep your bar working at its best.
  • Pizza businesses
    Handling customised orders and high volumes at lightning speed is essential. Every second is precious.
  • Casual dining
    It’s vital to track guests, tables, orders and time, so every customer gets a great experience, from start to finish.

We’ve thought of everything
With iiko, every aspect of your business is covered — and it makes the complex stuff simple.

It’s a winner with staff
iiko is ultra-easy to use, works everywhere and eliminates unnecessary admin.

You’re in control
iiko brings your business and all its locations together in a single


So what’s included? Everything

With iiko you can get everything you want in one solution, one code base … because iiko is an all-in-one platform.

  • Reservations & Bookings
    Now it’s easier to manage reservations and avoid awkward mistakes. Simply make bookings and add diners’ details in a few clicks, using floor plans to pick the perfect tables for each party and set helpful reminders for waiting staff.
  • Customer Management
    Now you can get to know customers even better, offer the right promotions and give them a more personalised experience. iiko’s loyalty system remembers customers and their preferences, so you can make them feel right at home.
  • AI-Forecasting
    Accurate forecasting ensures you minimise waste and take full advantage of sales opportunities. You can even factor in holidays, local events and weather — to optimise your staff rota and ordering.
  • Staff Scheduling
    Scheduling staff is simpler with everything online in one place. In fact, you can keep track of staff rotas, salaries, attendance, targets and incentives across the entire payroll operation.
  • Kitchen Management
    Fully integrated production control brings the kitchen team into the picture, improving communication and streamlining processes, managing the flow of the business, while storing recipes and allergen information too.
  • Inventory Control
    You can easily monitor your inventory levels, reduce wastage — and streamline the ordering process, using accurate data rather than guesswork. You gain visibility and control like never before.
  • Cost Control
    The system crunches the numbers for you. It calculates revenue, time worked, cost of food, table turnover, and even revenue per square metre … using every possible metric you might want.
  • Takeaway & Delivery
    Want your customers to see the status of orders? Like the idea of texting them when food is in its way? How about using GPS to show how close drivers happen to be? With iiko, it’s all possible.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Real-time sales and productivity data is available online or through the mobile app. With instant insights and the right tools, you can improve quality and fix bottlenecks.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use tools
    Getting all your team to use the tech from Day One is essential. It needs to be easy – and make their lives simpler. iiko’s easy-to-use interface equips employees with better tools. Everyone can see their mission, where they are accountable — and where they can make a difference.
  • Valuable insights for decisions
    iiko maintains extensive information about past, present and future productivity data — and provides flexible reporting and alerts where necessary. Managers get easy access to this information for clear analysis and better decision-making.
  • Pay-as-you-go model
    Our PAYG, cloud-based subscription model means there are no hefty up-front fees or unpredictable costs. iiko can start paying for itself from the moment you first log in.
  • Quality and accuracy … baked in
    iiko helps employees understand and comply with policies and procedures. Comprehensive built-in controls make it practical to standardise policies and improve the quality and accuracy of tasks.
  • Optimised for efficiency
    iiko uses highly-automated electronic systems to eliminate manual processes, paper shuffling and lost records. We speed up the process significantly. Everything can be tracked, from sales and supplies, through to purchasing and inventory.
  • Support for multi-site operations
    Our solution is designed to be used in any and many business structures. You can manage and monitor all your different outlets as one business, rather than separate entities.
  • Easy integration
    You can integrate iiko easily with financial and payment systems, streamlining your processes. Our platform is built with clear integration points that utilise industry standards and tools to make integration into your environment easy to do and manage.
  • Solution that always fits
    iiko can be deployed to fit the way any organisation works — from a single venue or multiple sites across a country, through to a multi-national enterprise. It scales with ease.
  • Rapid onboarding, fast results
    Today’s restaurant businesses cannot afford huge projects or long waits for results. iiko is easy to configure and implement with minimal IT support.

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