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The Flooid platform delivers deep and resilient basket functionality across store and online sales channels.

The Flooid platform delivers deep and resilient basket functionality across store and online sales channels. With high levels of multi-vertical capability, Flooid handles the sales operations for some of the world’s most complex grocery, specialty, fashion, and food and beverage retailers in their POS, self-checkout, mobile, eCommerce and social environments. Flooid is designed to handle both the high levels of throughput and resilience that a store demands, and the hyper-scalability required for mobile and on-line sales. With its powerful API set, developer toolkit and a growing community of partners, Flooid enables retailers to tap into the massive ecosystem of start-ups, innovators and IOT technologies to remove the limits of their innovations.

One composable, unified commerce platform. Endless possibilities.

Create the shopping experiences your customers demand with our powerful and resilient cloud native unified commerce platform. The openness and scalability of Flooid’s platform allows you to connect leading tech partners into a single commerce solution to adapt to business change, innovate quickly and optimize for growth, today and for the future.

Unified commerce engine: Maintain a common single basket across every channel.

A single place to store, process and share data including promotions, coupons, prices, taxation, receipts, payment and more.

A powerful transaction backbone and central repository of data allows for complete consistency and accuracy across any customer touchpoint – POS, mobile, self scan, self checkout, kiosks and any other customer or associate touch point you can imagine.

Open services ecosystem: Build new or extend existing selling opportunities.

The Flooid platform uses stateless services to deliver truly flexible composable commerce. Flooid provides the services (the ‘engine’), while front-end applications (the ‘heads’) can be provided by Flooid, by other application vendors, or can be developed by the retailer directly.

Cloud done right: Move to the cloud and protect your investment. Deploy in Google Cloud for greater speed, then ramp up and down as and when. Leverage infrastructure to meet business continuity goals and maximise the cost of compute, storage, network and other infrastructure.

Built for innovation: Extend the power of the Flooid platform and bring transformational experiences to your stores. The Flooid platform is architected for flexibility and allows you to choose best of breed providers to plug in the tools and systems your business counts on, quickly and cost-effectively.

Flooid Solutions

  • Create differentiated shopping experiences with our open, scalable platform..
  • POS- All your system and touchpoint work together.
  • Mobile POS- Flooid’s mobile POS solution deliver flexibility.
  • Convertible Lane- Flooid’s Self Checkout Convertible Lane solution
  • Self Service- All your systems and touchpoints work together in one modern platform that connects your entire store.



No more siloed operations across different verticals, brands or territories. We give you a single unified commerce platform that works across grocery and drug, fuel, specialty retail, general merchandise and hospitality. Bringing every store, channel, and market together to create the flexible shopping journeys your customers crave.


Worldpay Integration F2F WPT Retail IPC 2.2.9., Verifone P400 – USB

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