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Axcess IT is an award-winning, innovative software development house established in 2001. We design, develop, and deploy solutions for our customers promoting productivity, profitability and expansion of their businesses. We have developed many solutions, but we specialize in factory management for the laundry and dry cleaning market and EPOS systems for dry cleaning, shoe repair and key cutting market.

We value and understand the importance of customized software to your business, hence our solutions are tailored to meet your requirements.

  1. For Laundries
  • Commercial Laundries: Commercial Laundry Software is a fully automated business intelligence platform that is designed to ease commercial laundry business operations. It automates everything from getting orders to sorting laundry, delivering orders, and everything in between. You can take it as a brilliant makeover of a traditional laundry management system to a more advanced & modernized approach that optimizes commercial laundry operations. Your staff no longer needs to take care of tedious tasks because this software will do the rest.

This ultra-modern gift of technology aims at providing maximum efficiency besides reducing operational costs. As a result, your commercial laundry management system experiences a major shift from average to optimum gains.

  • Domestic Laundry: The Domestic Laundry Management system allows you to monitor and record the work coming into your laundry, label the item using various identification systems, assemble the cleaned items and dispatch the orders. The system will print delivery notes and create invoices on a weekly, monthly or an ad-hoc basis. Customer visits and driver routes are managed by the system.
  • RFID Linen Tracking System: Automating your Laundry Business Operations using an RFID Linen Tracking System can be your smartest move. Without any manual operations, you can track your entire laundry management at the touch of a button. This latest Linen System with RFID technology is virtually error-free, streamlined & provides optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Laundry Barcode system: Before the widespread adoption of RFID in uniform tracking, barcodes served as the primary semi-automated solution for uniform and laundry management systems. Despite barcoding for laundry business offering more efficient and automated tracking, legacy barcode systems continue to find applications in various industries. For instance, hotels rely on barcode solutions for uniform and linen inventory management, and commercial dry cleaner facilities also leverage barcode technology. The affordability of barcode solutions makes them an attractive choice for smaller entities with low volume and cost requirements, primarily due to the lower hardware component costs. Barcode labels are generally less expensive than RFID tags, and barcode scanners are more budget-friendly compared to RFID readers.
    1. For Drycleaner
  • EPOS System: Axcess IT has developed a state-of-the-art Dry Cleaning EPOS System that allows dry cleaners to manage their entire store from top to bottom. Everything from booking in orders, tracking orders, processing payments, managing account customers, staff management, expense management, Invoicing & Statements, staff clock-ins, marketing, security, collection & Delivery to SMS & Email, and much more.
  • Factory Management System: The Cleanermatix system enables the factory to book the work in, manage washing, processing, and then assemble the work on a conveyor or our flatwork system, using Sortexx Bins or manual sorting bins. The system enables you to manage the dispatch by route or by customer and allows you to create invoices if required. Cleanermatix optimizes the processing of garments in your factory and monitors performance of key production areas.
    1. For Cobblers and Keycutters
  • EPOS System: As soon as you have placed an order, our team will begin to configure the system to the shops requirements. Our team will then come to your site and install the system and train staff and management. We aim to go live with the system on the day of installation, purely so we can help assist staff with any issues they may encounter.

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